Downtown Power of 10 – 2006

Downtown Power of 10 – 2006

Movers & Shakers

DLIB hit the radar of some leading movers & shakers in 06. Among a number of big hitters introduced to the Downtown membership during this year were the Leaders of both Liverpool and Manchester City Council’s; Treasury Minister Ed Balls; and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The events programme was as strong as ever, with ‘Sexy Networking’ finding a new home at the Sir Thomas Hotel; the second annual ‘Oscars’ event adopting an ‘Untouchables’ theme; and ‘Livercool’ was given the ‘Top of the Pops’ treatment, with Radio City’s Kev Seed hosting an evening that saw John Lennon Airport Chief Neil Pakey walk away with the main award.    

There was also success for DIB as the City Council scrapped its proposed ‘tall buildings’ policy.

However, Downtown warned that the introduction of an empty property tax was a daft idea; and as concern grew about the effectiveness of the Culture Company, the ‘business club with attitude’ suggested that Phil Redmond should be given a leading role in driving forward the agenda for 08.

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