Barbara Spicer's Downtown Highlight

Barbara Spicer's Downtown Highlight

250 words? Now come on Frank, we are hardly known for a lack of verbosity in Liverpool.

Rather than try and cram in lots of things, I’ll use one event to sum up what’s so good about Downtown; the brilliant (if on the face of it unlikely) partnership with the Women’s Organisation to deliver the recent Women in Business awards. 

You knew it was Liverpool because you could hear the noisy chatter from across the dock, well before you reached the hotel, so as usual a good Downtown time was going to be had. Then there were the dresses, the hair, the eyelashes and the shoes – oh those shoes! Downtown’s members are not afraid to show that you can be a serious entrepreneur but still glam it up and have fun. (And Frank and his gang know how to do glam and fun to the extreme – you had to see the video!). 

One of the things that stands out at every Downtown event is that they clearly reach a hugely energetic business audience that you don’t see anywhere else. A truly inspirational speaker, who had succeeded in a very controversial business, set the tone for some serious award winners, demonstrating the breadth of talent Downtown’s membership covers.

Like Abbey Clancy’s salsa scores, that event for me summed up your perfect ten, Downtown. Long may you continue to support such wide span of vibrant businesses all helping to grow our economy, not just locally, but internationally. 

Happy Birthday!

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