Who Are Yer? - Pauline McNamara

Who Are Yer? - Pauline McNamara

Name: Pauline McNamara.

Company: Cassell Moore.

Position: Partner and Head of Family Law.

What Does Your Organisation Do: Commercial and
Private Solicitors Practice.

Company Website Address: www.cassellmoore.com

Football Team: Everton.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant: Restaurant Bar and Grill.

What’s Your Tipple: Dry White Wine.

Which Business Person Do You Most Admire: Bill

Favourite Band/Artist: Guilty Pleasure – Barry Manilow.

Top Tune: The Long and Winding Road.

Favourite Book: To Kill a Mocking Bird.

Favourite Movie: The Way We Were.

Who Would Play You In A
Sandra Bullock.

Favourite TV Programme: Breaking Bad.

Most Visited Website: BBC News.

Facebook Or Twitter: Twitter.

Interesting Fact About You: I used to compete at ballroom dancing.

Why Downtown: It’s the best.

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